Prof. dr hab. Marek Jarnicki - Curriculum vitae

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General information

Born: January 7, 1952 in Zawiercie, Poland
Family status: married, one child
Na Blonie 3B/129 
30-147 Krakow, Poland 
tel +48-12-637-85-92 
Jagiellonian University 
Institute of Mathematics 
Lojasiewicza 6 
30-348 Krakow, Poland 
tel +48-12-664-66-57 
fax +48-12-664-66-74

Research interests:

Complex analysis, in particular:

Holomorphically invariant (contractible) pseudodistances and pseudometrics.
Domains of holomorphy with respect to special classes of holomorphic functions.
Continuation of holomorphic functions with restricted growth.
Extension of separately analytic functions.


Professorship in mathematics, 1995
Habilitation in mathematics, Jagiellonian University 1984
A method of holomorphic retractions and pseudoinverse matrices in the theory of continuation of d-tempered functions,
Awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education.
Ph.D. in mathematics, Jagiellonian University 1977
Holomorphic functions with tempered growth on Riemann domains, supervised by Professor Józef Siciak
Awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education.
M.Sc. in mathematics, Jagiellonian University 1974
Analytic methods in semi-classic potential theory, supervised by Professor Józef Siciak
Diploma with distinction.

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