Sławomir Rams

Algebraic Geometry • Jagiellonian University

Sławomir Rams
Associate Professor

Research interests

My main scientific interests lie in problems closely related to the geometry of projective surfaces and threefolds. Although I profoundly admire sophistication of abstract language and I like to use modern tools of algebraic geometry, I find many down-to-earth classical open problems of algebraic geometry very interesting (and challenging).

My approach may result from the fact that after completing my Ph.D. thesis on local theory at the Jagiellonian University (Ph.D. thesis awarded the Prize of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland), I moved to Erlangen (the chair of Prof. W.P. Barth), where I had the chance to see the beauty of classical geometry. I got my habilitation in Erlangen in 2006 and came back to Poland to carry out my research as an associate professor at the Institute of Mathematics of the Jagiellonian University.

Lines on surfaces

Various questions related to the configurations of lines on (hyper)surfaces in P3(C).


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Surfaces with A-D-E singularities and their resolutions, divisible sets of singularities, K3 surfaces. Quintics.


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Local theory

Generalizations of the notion of intersection multiplicity in (local) analytic case. Extended index of intersection. Segre numbers.


  1. S. Rams, On the index of contact and multiplicities for bigraded rings, (paper page)
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Formulae for Hodge numbers of threefolds. Notion of the defect of a singular threefold. Calabi-Yau threefolds. Factoriality. Calabi-Yau threefolds.


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