Seminarium odbywa się w poniedziałki w godzinach 10–12 w sali 1016 budynku Instytutu (+ MS Teams lub zoom).

Posiedzenie 2293
8 marca 2021

Ratna Pal

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A rigidity theorem of Henon maps and beyond


Classically the holomorphic dynamics was studied for rational endomorphisms of the Riemann sphere. In the past three decades, this field of research has flourished to a great extent and the holomorphic dynamics in higher dimensions has attracted a lot of attention. In particular, the polynomial automorphisms in higher dimensions mushroomed as a central theme of study in this category. In C2, the most important polynomial automorphisms are the class of Henon maps. In this talk, we shall see a rigidity theorem of Henon maps: It says that any automorphism of C2 which preserves the Julia sets of a given Henon map has to be a Henon map and these two Henon maps commute up to a linear automorphism. This result is a higher dimensional analogue of a classical rigidity theorem of the Julia sets of polynomial maps in C. In the later part of the talk we shall see a few more related results and some open problems.